In any business, downtime of your equipment, or loss of power is costly and causes major inconvenience which is why DC Electrical prides itself on both a fast response for emergency breakdowns (including a 24/7 service) as well as a proactive routine maintenance program.

With businesses operating in such a litigious environment, compliance is a large part of any business. With knowledge of all the standards, DC Electrical can provide a streamlined and cost effective maintenance program tailored to your site and requirements.


Do you offer Compliance Services?

Yes, we offer a full range of compliance service, including RCD Testing, Smoke Alarm, Exit and Emergency Lighting and Thermal Imaging. Need some advice or a quote? Get in touch with DC Electrical today.

How often should RCD’s be tested?

Depending on the application, RCD’s (known as safety switches) need to be tests as frequently as every 6 months, and time tested annualy.

What is the benefit of LED Lighting?

LED lighting is not just a great way to save on your electricity costs, but with warranties of up to 5 years on some fittings, they are also a great way to save on maintenance costs. If you manage a commercial facility, please contact us and we can do a full, obligation free, cost benefit analysis.

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