In any business, downtime of your equipment, or loss of power is costly and causes major inconvenience which is why DC Electrical prides itself on a both a fast response for emergency breakdowns (including a 24/7 service) as well as a proactive routine maintenance program.

DC Electrical also specializes in industrial plant upgrades and has a track record of working closely with our clients on projects of all sizes to meet their operation needs.


What is your turnaround time for breakdowns?

With a team of 18 vehicles in the road, we can have someone to your breakdown within minutes.

Have you worked with Automated Equipment?

Yes, we have worked with a wide range of automated system, production lines and process facilities.

Do you offer Compliance Services?

Yes, we offer a full range of compliance service, including RCD Testing, Smoke Alarm, Exit and Emergency Lighting and Thermal Imaging. Need some advice or a quote? Get in touch with DC Electrical today.

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